Welcome to Newspaper Announcements, personal headlines for your special occasion!

With a custom-designed newspaper announcement, you can share the stories and memories behind your special newsworthy life events, celebrations, and milestones. Costing less than tins of candies that aren’t eaten and more meaningful than scented candles which never get lit, a newspaper announcement is a personalized keepsake that shows love in a special way. Creating a newspaper is a group activity where family and friends can contribute their own stories, anecdotes, and pictures.

Newspapers communicate large amounts of information in an organized fashion. When a person is getting married, having a baby, or any other major event, they feel it’s the most important thing going on in their world. By creating a newspaper about the event, it can get across up to date information, give details about events, pass along fun memories, and we all know pictures are worth a thousand words. Newspapers are perfect for guests who are from out of town can get to know people faster, family and friends feel important and included, and serve up reminders to those who need them, all while providing a fun keepsake sure to be treasured for years to come.